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St. George Offer’s Plumbing Service

We offer so many plumbing services and we can be relied on to sort it out for you no matter what happens.

Blocked Drains

Plumber St George Blocked Drains

“Lydia, did you do the washing today?” “Yes, I did…..

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Emergency Plumbing

Plumber St George Emergency Plumbing

Lynn and Jason moved into their finished home just after Christmas….

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Hot Water

Plumber St George Hot Water

Living in an apartment was not a piece of cake ….

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St George residents expect the best and that is why our staff are trained in all aspects of plumbing and gas fitting including;

The repair or replacement of dripping, faulty or antiquated tapware
Toilet repairs including conversions to dual flush water savers
Licenced Gas Fitters who can repair, replace or install gas lines and fittings
Hot Water System repairs or replacement and Solar Hot Water installations
Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run
Environmentally friendly rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced
Repairs performed on all leaking water and drainage pipes

Plumber St George, 7 premier reasons to use our services…



Professional team of tradesman who treat your property with respect



We provide you a fully quoted price before we even lift a spanner


100% Quality service,

All of our work is guaranteed 100%


24 Hour Emergency Services,

Plumbing Emergency services on standby 24 hours, 7 days a week


Cost Effective Services

FREE plumbing and safety inspection offered with every job


Equipped and prepared

Our vehicles are fully stocked with all common plumbing fittings


Blocked drain specialists,

Specialising in blocked drains, we have water jetters and drain cameras to investigate any drainage issues

Facts You Should Know

The St George area encompasses suburbs including Arncliffe, Banksia, Bexley, Blakehurst, Brighton-Le-Sands, Carlton, Carss Park, Dolls Point, Hurstville, Kingsgrove, Kogarah, Kyeemagh, Mortdale, Penshurst, Rockdale and Sans Souci. The St George area was chosen by Captain Cook as a safe place to sail the HMS Endeavour into Botany Bay in 1770 and became the site of Cook’s first landing.

The St George area has thrived since these early days and has a proud multicultural community. Home of the mighty St George Dragons Rugby League Club with an unbeaten record of 11 premierships in a row the residents of the area are passionate about sport and community.

Being an established area with many houses built prior to the 1970’s home owners should be aware that they may experience plumbing issues in their homes due to the age and expected lifespan of the pipework installed. Many homes were built with galvanised pipes which have an expected life of fifty years. If you have noticed a drop in water pressure it could be the galvanised pipes breaking down, corroding from the inside. If you notice a drop in pressure or your water supply is discoloured call Plumber St George and we can inspect the pipes for you.

We can also help you to conserve water and save money by installing water savers on your taps, dual flush cisterns as well as the possibility of installing a rain water collection tank, free water to keep your garden beautiful.

Plumber St George Fact

What People Say

"Great, thanks for coming on the day."

L. Rockdale


L. Rockdale

"Great, thanks for coming on the day."

"Very excellent will recommend him, I’ve been very happy and will have him again."




"Very excellent will recommend him, I’ve been very happy and will have him again."

"Ben was hampered by supplier lateness, however he did everything to have delivery made and carried out installation very well."




"Ben was hampered by supplier lateness, however he did everything to have delivery made and carried out installation very well."

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St.George Featured Services

Plumber St George 25% Off

Plumber St George replaces rusted gutting

Lachlan tried to keep the gutters clear of leaves and twigs, but it was tough and he was always so busy with work. Today was the first chance he’d had for some time to get up on the roof and clear some of the junk out. But once he was up there, he noticed a problem. Part of the guttering near the garage was looking rusted. He cleared a few handfuls of leaves away and found a hole! He cleared out the rest of the gutters and found even more damage; one of the downpipes even had rusted sections!

While he ate lunch, Lachlan looked up a local St George Plumber who could look at his guttering. He found a promising lead and called them. Even though it was Sunday the phone was still answered and an appointment was booked for Monday.

The Plumber arrived on time, having called ahead to make sure Lachlan would be home as well. They walked around the house, inspecting the damage and the Plumber had a look at the downpipes too. He agreed, they needed to be replaced, so the Plumber immediately began constructing a quote for him. Lachlan had to talk to his wife first before approving the work, so the Plumber gave him a business card and the quote. The next day the Plumber rang to see how the quote was going. Lachlan had a couple of questions, which the Plumber answered happily. Having set aside Lachlan’s fears, Lachlan approved the work. The next week the Plumber was back onsite and working away diligently.

If you have an issue with your plumber, whether it’s your internal or external drainage, gas or water, call your local St George Plumber on 0402 290 290