How to Unclog the Bathroom Vanity Basin and Related Drains

Perhaps the first place that you use every morning when you wake up is the bathroom vanity basin. As such, you want the first thing that you use to be good to look less it ruins the entire day. However, just like any other plumbing in the home it is bound to malfunction especially given the position in which it’s located since most ladies normally comb their hair around it since it has a mirror. In most cases you might be tempted to call in a plumber which is okay but how about you try to fix the situation yourself before calling in the professionals. It could save you some money not to mention that it is a great learning experience. Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s get started.


Before we start, there are a number of tools that you should ensure that you have that you will need in the process. Some of them include a bucket, plumber’s snake, a plunger, a drain rod, a screw driver and you may need some rugs to make sure that you don’t mess the whole place. Additionally, just in case everything does not work out, you will need to have the number of the plumber at hand as well. Once you have all these in place you’re now ready to get down to work.


One of the reasons that your bathroom basin could be having problem is because there could be strings of hair that have clogged up the drainage. This is more so the case when your problem is a slow drainage. Start by using a screw driver. Put it into the plug hole and wiggle it around to free any hairs that could have gotten stuck. Once you have done this, you can then pour some water and see if the sink is okay. If not, we go to the next step.


With the basin half full, cover your overflow using a rug or a sponge this is so that when you force the water down the drain, it does not come back and make matters worse in your work area with an unbearable odor and mess. Once you have the rug in place, then you can now unleash a plunger and make sure that you cover the plug hole entirely. This will help to make sure that the water does not splatter and that all the force is directed in to the right channels. By pumping up and down rapidly you should be able to push whatever is causing the blockage down the drain hopefully but this might not work as well. The best way to ensure that you get the most out of the plunging is to ensure that you have water in the basin that covers the rubber part of the plunger.


If the previous step has not worked, then it is time to take this a notch hire. Grab the bucket and place it under the basin at the p-trap. This is the pipe that resembles the handle of an umbrella. After that is done, loosen the collars at either ends of the pipe and remove it. At this point all the water that had been held up will drain into the bucket. Once you have removed the p-trap pipe you have to clean it thoroughly. You can use the plumber’s snake to ensure that there is nothing that has been causing the havoc. While at this, you can also get under the plug hole clean it out as well and then put the p-trap back in place and pour some water into the basin to check of the problem has been solved. If not yet, then all hope is not lost. You still have one more thing that you can do.


You should note that once you pour the water, it will initially go down the drain very quickly. This is because there is some free space that was created by the water that drained into the bucket so you might want to be a bit patient to get a better look of the picture. All that is left is that you check the drains that lead to the basin. To do this, you will need to leave the comfort of your home and head outside. Once you find the drainages of the vanity basin affected you will need to remove the cover. If this is the root of the problem, it should be easily spotted. To clear this you will need a drain rod and make sure that nothing is left behind. Once done, replace the cap and go back to the basin in the house to carry a test and see if the problem is solved. Once again, pour a good amount of water into the basin and look at how it drains. If you’re pleased with the results, then your work is done.


If you still experience the same problem, this is the best time to pull out that number and call in the plumber. There could a problem with one of the pipes in the house and a plumber can be able to tell which one it is without having to rip all the pipes out of place.


Given the trouble that you have gone through trying to fix the problem, it is important that in order to avoid such a predicament in future, you make sure that the bathroom vanity basin is always in a pristine condition. Once a month, it is advisable to give the drainage pipes a deep clean to ensure that the same problem does not occur again. To do this you can pour hot water and a stubborn caustic down the drain to clear any debris that could have been building up. Lemon is another ideal natural cleaner that you can use that is quite handy in ensuring that your plug hole works just as it should.


As you may have noticed, unblocking a clogged vanity basin does not require a lot of expertise or tools that would warranty you to call in an expert. Save yourself the money and get off your couch. It is a fun experience not to mention that nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment that you will feel once you have managed to fix the problem. So why not try it?