If You See Blocked Drain In Your Old House Plumbing, Then Avoid These Two Things

Blocked drain is always a big trouble for house owners and if you have an old house then this problem can increase by several folds. In this kind of situation, it is recommended that you try to clean your blocked drain pipe keeping your old house plumbing in mind. So, while cleaning your blocked drain in your old house always follow these suggestions to avoid problems.


Do not Use chemical: For cleaning a blocked drain, many people prefer to use chemical cleaners, which is not a good thing for old houses. Most of the old houses used to have metal drain pipes and chemicals and acid in these cleaners can damage these pipes by reacting with the metal. As a result of this you will get more problems instead of resolving your problems so avoid chemical use for cleaning your blocked drain in an old house. However, you can use hot water with salt and in most of the cases this combination will dissolve the blockage for you.


Do not use sticks: rotting of metal pipes due to chemical reaction and water is a natural process that you cannot avoid and these chemical reactions reduce the strength of your old drain pipes. That’s why it is essential that you do not put a bamboo or stick in your drain pipes for cleaning the blockage. If you will do than it might create damage in your pipes that can create a water leakage in your house. Instead of that you can use a drain snake for cleaning your old pipes.


In case hot water or drain snake do not work for you, then we would not recommend you to try anything else on your old house plumbing because that would be a big risk for you. So, if you reach to this point, then it will be a good idea to call a professional plumber for support.