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A Noisy Water Heater Problem in St George

Living in an apartment was not a piece of cake. Yes, there were perks but the difficulties sometimes far outweighed the perks. Her plumbing was one such thing. In the last few years, there had been plumbing problems, one after another. The local plumber was really not up to the task because he would just bandage the current problem and go away until another problem occurred. Sandra knew that this strategy was a disaster in the making and she also knew that sooner or later, they would all have to pay the price for it.

But, she did not expect it to be this soon.

A mere two weeks after the local plumber had changed her hot water heater, she was having another water heating problem. This morning, when she turned on the hot water, there was a loud screeching sound from the faucet. She had almost jumped in fright. When she turned on the cold water, the sound subsided a little but not completely. By the time she had the sound completely under control, she felt like she was standing under a cold tidal wave. This was NOT her idea of a hot bath, and she wasn’t going to put up with a lackadaisical plumber any more.

That afternoon, when she was on her lunch break, she spoke to her boss about the problem. Working in a small antique store brought you in contact with all sorts of people and she was sure that Sam would know of a good plumber for the hot water problem.

As always, good ol’ Sam lived up to her expectations. He gave her a number and told her that she should call them, and only them!

“You know Sandra, it’s my policy to offer appreciation where it is due. These emergency plumbers from St George are so good at what they do that calling them is a pleasure. They are quick and reliable. Their charges are reasonable and they won’t give you a single piece of wrong advice. We have been using them for the last 10 years and we have never had a reason to complain. I’ve recommended them to dozens of people at some time or the other and everyone has only good things to tell about this plumber.”

Even in spite of the recommendation, Sandra checked out the plumber before she actually called them. Seemed like Sam was not exaggerating a bit. The St George plumber worked in Kogarah, Carlton. Bexley, Hurstville, Rockdale, Banksia and Arncliffe and they had earned themselves a rock solid reputation. Sandra couldn’t think of any reason why she should call her local plumber when she could get this expert plumber to sort out her heating problem.

When the plumber came, it was apparent why everybody liked them so much. He was careful and very observant. He listened to her problem carefully before he started work. It took him about half an hour but when he was done, she had plenty of hot water minus the screech! What’s more, this plumber had even restored the speed of water flow, which had been somewhat tardy after the local plumber had put in the new heater.

A happy customer is not an accident but the result of years of great service coupled with efficiency and honesty. If you want a plumber who knows their work and believes in treating their clients fairly.

Call us for all of your Hot Water Issue and Emergencies on 0488 885 217.! We provide varied plumbing services to St. George and the surrounding areas.

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