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When buying a house to live in, one should not just take the look and feel of the home into consideration. The basic components of a house include: foundations, walls, ceilings, rooms, and doors. To make the house a place worth staying in for a long time, it needs to be able to facilitate in fulfilling the owner’s needs, and so a number of systems need to be set up as well: electricity, gas, heating, and plumbing.

Once the utility systems have been set up, they have to be properly maintained. Electrical wires and outlets should stay intact. Gas pipes should be checked for leaks, and any leaks need to be sorted out immediately. Problems on HVAC systems should be fixed as soon as you see them. Leaky pipes, taps, and shower heads need to be replaced immediately, and drain (and toilet) blockages should be sorted out before they can completely prevent used water and wastes from going down.

When blockages occur, there is the possibility of clearing drains with the use of drain cleaners of a plunger. But what if the above solutions to drain clogs do not work? What if two or more drains get blocked? What if sewage begins backing up even if something has been done?

If this is the case, the entire sewer has been blocked, and for this problem to be sorted out effectively, professional help is required.

Here are two solutions for sewer blockage:

  • Sewer pipe clearing using an electric eel
  • Pipe relining

While the first solution can break the blockage and the roots that caused it, it is incapable of addressing root regrowth in the pipe. Not only that, digging and (at times) pipe replacement are required, making it costly and time-consuming. Pipe relining, on the other hand, has many advantages, including:

  • Assured protection. The lining is made of fibreglass, making it effective against tree root intrusion.
  • Whereas digging and pipe replacement are required in the traditional method, the only thing required in pipe relining is the creation of an access point.
  • The above makes it a cost-effective and time-saving solution.

How is pipe relining done?

  • Video Inspection. A camera is placed in the sewer pipe line to find the location and severity of the problem. This is done immediately after partial sewer line cleaning.
  • Sewer pipe line cleaning. A hydro-jet cleaner is used to clear the sewer line of blockage and roots.
  • Lining installation. Once the sewer line is cleared, the fibreglass lining is brought to where the sewer is, placed in the pipe, inverted, blown up, and left to dry.
  • Quality control. Video footage of the new sewer pipe line interior is taken in order for us to know if we did the job successfully.

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